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Stunning viewfinder

Turn your iPhone’s Retina display into a bright, beautiful viewfinder. Once the DxO ONE is connected, the DxO ONE iOS app launches automatically and allows you to adjust all of your camera settings. Enjoy the same level of control provided by a DSLR, with the added benefit of simplicity, mobility, and fast performance.

  • Stunning viewfinder

Intuitive interface

The DxO ONE iOS app offers photo and video settings that are accessible to experts and amateurs alike. Tap the screen to select your desired shooting mode, exposure, and focus. Scroll and adjust the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings with the touch of a finger.



  • Interface intuitive

Expert features

Choose from a variety of different shooting modes, including Program, Aperture Priority, Speed Priority, and Manual. Using the Scene modes, you can instantly set your DxO ONE to take impressive portrait, landscape, and sports photos automatically, providing you with complete and precise control over your images. 

  • Expert features

(NEW) Wi-Fi remote control

By using a wireless connection, you can control your DxO ONE remotely without losing access to any of its capture settings, and seamlessly transfer your photos and videos to your iPhone. In house or in office, you can immediately tap into an existing Wi-Fi network, a DxO exclusive. And when traveling about, your DxO ONE can just as easily create a direct connection* to your iPhone.

  • DxO ONE Wifi

Your photos where you want them

Take high-quality photos and instantly share them with your friends and family via your iPhone on Facebook®, Instagram®, Twitter®, and every other service supported by iOS. If your iCloud Photo Library is enabled, your DxO ONE photos will be automatically synced across all your Apple devices.

  • Your photos where you want them

New iOS app features

The DxO ONE receives regular software updates. Starting this fall, enjoy a new series of innovative features

  • RAW file export
    Transfer your RAW files to your smartphone, process them directly on your favorite mobile applications (Lightroom Mobile or Snapseed), and post your unbelievably high-quality images to social networking platforms.
  • Wi-Fi remote control
    Take photos from creative angles by controlling your DxO ONE remotely using an existing Wi-Fi network or a direct connection between your camera and smartphone.
  • Underwater white balance
    When used underwater, the DxO ONE's Automatic White Balance (AWB) feature automatically corrects the blue cast in your image to reveal its true colors.
  • Mobile Smart Lighting
    Enhance the dynamic range of your photos using this customizable feature originally offered in DxO OpticsPro that lets you simulate a fill light, especially when shooting a backlit subject.
  • Longer battery life
    Just like with a reflex camera, the new Autofocus on Demand (AF-OD) mode activates the focus only when you turn it on to save your DxO ONE’s battery power.
  • Integrated online store
    Order new accessories and other DxO products directly from your iOS application.