Image Signal Processor (ISP)

The world's leading mobile phone and digital camera manufacturers have chosen to work with DxO in improving image quality, adding new features, and reducing component costs. DxO imaging systems cover a broad range of digital imaging technologies, from complete image signal processors (ISPs) to feature add-ons, using processes and techniques that ensure optimal image quality.

Consumers and professionals now expect a high level of image quality and features while enjoying the convenience of having a single device that is lightweight, powerful, and energy efficient. For this reason DxO has developed a camera ISP for implementation within a mobile phone’s baseband, or a processor, or fpga, perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.

High quality still and video camera technologies

DxO ISP delivers high-quality images even in very low light, using all types of optics and image sensors including small pixel sensors designed for mobile devices. Benefiting from the features of its DxO OpticsPro professional photography software, DxO ISP includes a range of noise reduction techniques ensuring the highest quality images possible. Other features include adaptive real-time exposure control, focus, and white balance (DxO 3A) allowing DxO ISP to deliver consistent colors (DxO AutoCLS), contrast and details—whatever the lighting conditions.

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DxO ISP can be integrated with all types of cameras including smartphones, DSCs, action cameras, medical imaging, video surveillance, and automotive applications.

DxO ISP schema

Hardware architecture

  • RAW pixel input stage: downscale, crop and analyze pixel stream
  • Core ISP processing block
  • Frame buffer interface for multi frame algorithm
  • Statistics engine
  • Up to 4 simultaneous output channels, each able to deliver a different format, size, aspect ratio and interleaving
  • Single port SRAM only

Noise reduction

  • Temporal noise reduction (3DNR)
  • Breakthrough spatial noise reduction
  • Wide area chromatic noise reduction
  • Excellent performance in low light
  • Fine-grained natural-looking pictures
  • Advanced noise-aware color reconstruction
  • Sharpening / smoothing with automatic noise control

Performance & capacity

  • Real time processing video UHD@30fps
  • Still image capture up to 64Mp

Ease of integration

  • High-productivity tuning tools
  • Zero-shutter lag
  • Bayer down sampling with phase management
  • High quality bi-cubic up- and down- digital zoom
  • Output formats: YUV420, YUV422, RGB888, RGB565

Sensor and optical corrections

  • Black level correction
  • Bad pixel correction, singlets, couplets, hot and cold
  • Gr/Gb variance correction
  • Grid-based per-channel lens shading correction
  • Blue fringing removal

Add-on features

  • DxO EIS (video stabilization)
  • DxO AutoCLS (color shading correction)
  • DxO DOP (high-quality 8Mpix ¼’’ front facing camera)
  • DxO AFSU (super-fast and continuous autofocus)
  • HDR, local tone mapping, Wide Dynamic Range videos (WDR)
  • slow motion
  • and many more…


  • Adaptive color rendering for fine adjustments depending on the scene (matrices and tone curve)
  • White balance compensation
  • Adaptive lighting, Backlight compensation

Tuning tools

  • Subjective adjustments
  • Register automatic settings
  • Real-time visual and measurement feedback

Camera controls (DxO 3A)

  • Automatic night mode
  • Flash control, anti-flickering 50Hz/60Hz
  • AWB handling multiple illuminants per scene
  • AF continuous and one-shot
  • Anti-shake

Calibration tools

  • Objective measurements with repeatable settings


Smartphones Tablets UAV Surveillance Medical
Action cam Camcorder Automotive DSC  

Learn more about our add-on features:

  • DxO EIS Video stabilization
  • DxO AutoCLS Color lens shading correction without per-unit calibration
  • DxO 3A Camera controls
  • DxO DOP Inexpensive front-facing cameras
  • DxO AFSU Fast and continuous autofocus

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