DxO OpticsPro
DxO OpticsPro
Reveal the RAW emotion
Get the best from your photos thanks to DxO OpticsPro 11,
the image-processing software of reference

Image quality without equal

Demanding photographers call upon the expertise of DxO for incomparable image quality, regardless of shooting conditions.

  • DxO OpticsPro Image Quality



The industry-standard noise reduction technology for RAW files. Images are rich in detail and bokehs are silky smooth, even at extreme ISO values. Try it with your most challenging photos... nothing else comes close.

DxO Smart Lighting


Leverage the full dynamic range of your images and recover fine details and textures in deep shadows and overexposed highlights. The new Spot Weighted mode uses face detection to apply an intelligent tone map on the entire image, add fill light, and improve contrast while optimizing illumination on faces.

DxO ClearView


Get rid of haze to bring out all the splendor of your landscape photos in just one click. Equally effective in removing smog from urban landscapes.

Upgrade your images without upgrading your equipment

With the precise knowledge of each and every camera and lens make and model, DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects all optical defects with an unrivaled level of quality.




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Lenses supported


Camera lens combinations


Camera/Lens Combinations in total


DxO’s Optics Module Library includes detailed knowledge regarding your specific cameras and lenses, and uses this information to automatically eliminate distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations.

The exclusive Lens Softness tool automatically optimizes the sharpness of your images over the entire field. Even your kit lens will find a second life!

List of available DxO Optics Modules

DxO OpticsPro Correction
DxO OpticsPro Correction
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An optimized workflow for an optimal user experience

Ease of use, power, and processing speed


The most important corrections are immediately accessible, and you can activate or deactivate them with a single click to see their impact. For slider virtuosos, DxO OpticsPro provides advanced control over every image processing parameter imaginable.


  • Interface

Benefit from all the advantages of a non-destructive workflow: export your DNG, TIFF and JPEG and files to other image management software such as Adobe Lightroom, or integrate the features of other DxO software (DxO ViewPoint and DxO FilmPack) as plugins. And if you want to share your best photos, you can publish them to Flickr or Facebook with a click.


DxO OpticsPro respects your photographic intentions: batch processing lets you apply the same settings to a series of images, all while adapting the automatic corrections to each photo's content, based on precise camera calibration data. Spend less time behind your computer, and more time behind the lens !

New in DxO OpticsPro 11

  • DxO PRIME 2016
    The industry-leading denoising is now even faster and more powerful
  • Smart Lighting’s Spot Weighted mode
    Uses face detection to intelligently apply an intelligent tone map to the entire image
  • Red-eye
    Automated detection and correction of red eyes
  • Auto Microcontrast
    Automatically enhances fine details in your images, but smart enough to leave faces and high ISO images intact
  • Improved Selective Tone
    Better preservation of midtones for a more natural look
  • Full-screen display mode
    Browse your images in an immersive, distraction-free environment
  • Rating and filtering shortcuts
    Easily cull through photos using new keyboard shortcuts
  • Extended white balance range
    Correct the blue color cast in underwater and concert photos
  • Slider reactivity
    Up to twice as fast, providing a frictionless user experience

Award-Winning Software

  • TIPA
  • EISA
  • PC MAG

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