Fabio Antenore is a Swiss landscape photographer who has won multiple international awards. He spends most of his time either close to home in the Swiss mountains or travelling far abroad to live his passion for landscape photography. Fabio works mostly with so-called «Time-blending» to create a hyperreal image of nature. Time-blendings form an integral party of his work: it’s a technique which offers the opportunity to extend a moment to several minutes and hours. The feeling of a picture is the most important component for him, and he doesn’t want the technical possibilities of a camera to restrict him. Therefore he often combines different short exposures, taken over a longer period of time, in one picture. He created «the Landscape Project» to teach his techniques in workshops and on photo tours.

Fabio dicovered photography later in life, as he has been a music producer and audio engineer for many years before. His love story with photography started in 2013 when he bought his first camerato take behind-the-scene pictures on a music video shooting he produced. He later started to create his «Hyperreal landscape photography»’s way to edit pictures that made his reputation, and in 2017 he committed himself totally to his passion.

He collaborates with Sigma, Nisi Global Ambassador, LowePro, and the travel agency „Kontiki Reisen“, what allows him to spend a lot of time in the far north.

” It’s an honor for me to be a DxO Ambassador because I work since ever with their plugins. To edit pictures like mine it’s necessary to have such tools.  I always use them to work on colors and contrasts. In fact, there wasn’t a single picture during the last years in which I haven’t used DxO softwares. How can I say… I love it!”


« I always use Color Efex Pro as a plug-in in Photoshop. This gives me the possibility to use the masking options and Layers in Photoshop with the amazing filters of Color Efex Pro. In that picture I used different filter settings in different parts of the photo to create a focus ».


The most powerful suite of 8 photo plugins offering almost 200 high-quality creative effects as well as a range of innovative image-editing tools, all available with a single click while giving you non-destructive editing for total control.

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