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Whatever your digital imaging system – from mobile phone to D-SLR  cameras, from webcams to medical imaging systems, from camcorders to video surveillance systems – DxO products and services can help you maximize its image quality.

DxO has the necessary scientific and technical expertise to develop ways to measure the key imaging properties and optical defects of any image capture system.


Our unique DxO Analyzer solution serves all industries requiring repeatable image quality measurements

DxO image quality measurements

DxO Analyzer solution includes everything you need to reliably measure and analyze the imaging performance of any type of image capture device: testing protocols and methodologies, laboratory specifications and installation guidelines, data management and analysis software.

DxO Analyzer is the only solution that can fully measure not just the quality of captured images, but also artifacts from electronic shutters, the effectiveness of 6-axis image stabilization systems, the geometry of dual-module cameras for 3D or stereoscopic vision, and the dynamic response of imaging devices to changing scenes and light levels. Coupled with DxO Analyzer’s ability to measure images the way consumers see them, it is possible to fully evaluate cameras and lenses in a way that predicts how they will perform in real world situations.

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Check out the latest DxO Analyzer automation features

This new set of automated and computer-controlled equipment lets you test cameras and image sensors even more quickly and reliably. In particular, it's of great benefit when you need to test under changing lighting conditions, or when you need to do repeated tests.

Automated Lighting System

Automated Stabilization Testing

Automated ERS Testing

Image Quality Evaluation services

DxO Image Quality Evaluation services

We can assist you in acquiring the expertise you need to establish your own image quality testing capabilities quickly and smoothly. We know that building an efficient, comprehensive image quality testing facility is time-consuming and costly. DxO offers customized training and support in image quality evaluation to our clients to ensure that you spend more time analyzing the results than obtaining them. We help you to efficiently integrate DxO Analyzer solution within your operations.

In addition to the on-site support we provide our clients, we also offer image quality evaluation services in our own labs. We deliver to our customers in-depth analyses and diagnostic reports on cameraphones, digital camera modules, and camera components (optics, sensors, image processors). These services are extremely valuable for companies that are selecting third-party components or evaluating new camera module technologies and architectures.

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