Chapter 3/9

Editing your first photos

Find out how to easily and automatically edit your first images using the DxO Modules and Presets available in DxO PhotoLab.

Key takeaways

  • When you open an image for the first time in DxO PhotoLab, the software analyzes the file’s EXIF data to identify the camera/lens combination used to take the photo. It will then automatically suggest that you download a “DxO Module.”
  • DxO PhotoLab’s correction tools are grouped into boxes depending on the type of adjustment you want to apply. The first way to edit an image in DxO PhotoLab is by using Presets.
  • With DxO PhotoLab, we can edit one or more images simultaneously.

What you will learn

  • The DxO Modules.
  • Applying a Preset.
  • Editing photos in batches.
Chapter 4/9
Playing with light
4 min
Chapter 5/9
Enhancing colors
4 min