Chapter 7/9

Retouching your images in depth

In this chapter, you will learn how to make more in-depth edits by targeting specific parts of your image using a tool exclusive to DxO PhotoLab—U Point™ technology.

Key takeaways

  • A Control Point is made up of a central dot whose blue border indicates that it is active; a larger diameter circle that you can resize with your mouse; and an Equalizer.
  • The Brush lets you retouch portions of your image by simply painting these areas with your mouse.
  • The Graduated Filter simulates the effect of optical filters placed in front of a lens, especially to balance exposure in landscape photography and reduce the significant difference in brightness between the ground and the sky.

What you will learn

  • Control Points
  • Retouching parts of your image with the Brush
  • Editing sections of your image with Graduated Filters
Chapter 8/9
Exporting your files
4 min
Chapter 9/9
Organizing your PhotoLibrary
3 min