DxO PureRAW: Your First Step in Making RAW Corrections for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Classic

Discover the latest RAW image solution to the DxO Family of award-winning products! This is the first step in your workflow to fix common problems with RAW files. A simple interface that fixes common RAW file problems, will help to easily correct your RAW images and prepare them for final editing. Optimize your RAW files with DxO PureRAW Smart Technology to get the best results!

Learn how to:
1. Open RAW images with a simple drag and drop interface
2. See how common problems with RAW files are instantly corrected (demosaicing, denoising, moiré, distortion, chromatic aberrations, unwanted vignetting)
3. Correct Optical distortions that occur with lenses with DxO’s optical modules
4. Workflow recommendations when using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic

About the instructor: Bio: PhotoJoseph is a content creator, educator, and YouTuber — he shoots for corporate and celebrity clients, works with schools globally integrating photography into the classroom, leads workshops, has several photography courses on LinkedInLearning.com, a regular YouTube show at youtube.com/photojoseph, and currently lives in the USA in Ashland, Oregon. To learn more about PhotoJoseph, visit: http://photojoseph.com and http://twitter.com/photojoseph