Revolutionary design


DxO ONE Design

Where performance meets design

The DxO ONE provides exceptional performance by packing the most innovative components available into an ultra-compact and elegant design.



Made from top-end materials such as aluminum, the DxO ONE features a built-in lens cover that slides open easily when you’re ready to shoot. With the camera’s Framing Assistant and two-stage shutter button, you can easily compose, lock focus and capture photos with just one hand.


Discreet and lightweight

Weighing in at just 3.8 ounces and well under three inches tall, the DxO ONE is incredibly small compared to other high-end camera models. You can easily slide it into your pocket or clutch purse. Regardless of the situation, the DxO ONE can go with you anywhere, anytime.


Cutting-edge technology

Innovative “airless” design
To reduce the camera’s size, the space between the optical subassembly and the sensor must be as small as possible. Leveraging our expertise in the smartphone industry (over 300 million phones use DxO technologies), we’ve placed the lens of the DxO ONE in direct contact with the sensor, no gap, no air between them.


Six-element lens
Image quality depends on the materials used in the lens design. DxO engineers chose a lens with six aspherical elements, offering an exceptionally high level of precision while also optimizing acutance.

Designed for mobile use

Built-in Lightning connector

The DxO ONE includes a patented Lightning connector that springs open with the lens cover as its mechanism. This revolutionary design allows the camera to attach firmly and securely to the iPhone with a click.
Safety mechanism

If the connector experiences undue strain, a safety mechanism separates the connector from the iPhone without damage. The patented Lightning connector and integrated safety mechanism are fully Apple-approved.
Easy to handle

The connector features a rotating base that also pivots +/– 60 degrees, giving you incredible range of movement to capture creative photos from any angle. Hold the DxO ONE high above your head to film a concert in the middle of a crowd or place it low to the ground to record your child’s first steps. No matter the situation, you’ll find exactly the right angle to frame your subject.