Speed up time

The DxO ONE is more than just a professional camera — it is also an outstanding creative tool that opens up new perspectives every day. It can help you shoot impressive time-lapse videos using its unique Auto-Ramping technology, which automatically adapts settings to different shooting conditions over time.


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Timelapse Interface

Inspiration in the sky

Don't just admire the changing colors of the sky…capture them and enhance them with the DxO ONE! Put your DxO ONE in Time-lapse mode and experience a bewitching one-night show featuring a high-resolution starry night.

Time-lapse shot
Time-lapse shot

And also…

Nature like you’ve never seen it before

A blooming flower, a spider weaving its web, the sun setting on the ocean — all these scenes are within your reach thanks to the DxO ONE and its ability to accelerate time. With the Optical Adapter, you can even switch to macro mode and enhance details that are invisible to the naked eye.

The city is an anthill!

Capture the hustle and bustle of the city with your DxO ONE. Whether you’re at the top of a building, in the heart of a concert, or at a cultural event, don't be afraid of the crowd: put it on stage! Your shots will be perfect for illustrating feature stories or for helping create inspiring videos..