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Pro Quality Camera. Miniaturized. Connected.

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Pro quality Camera. 



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    Professional quality

    An expert-level camera

    Play on the pros’ turf

    Why settle for the ordinary if excellence is within reach? Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, your photos deserve the best. The DxO ONE is a professional-quality camera with its 20 MP 1-inch sensor, f/1.8 maximum aperture, and the ability to shoot in RAW or JPEG. Wherever and whenever you are, don’t do without the exceptional anymore.




    Shot with DxO ONE Camera | © Eric Hu

    Professional quality
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    Infinite possibilities in your pocket

    Take it wherever your imagination leads you

    Put a concentration of technology in your pocket and unleash your creativity. Take the DxO ONE with you wherever you go — especially where no other device can go. Capture the best of your everyday life with patented technology in a tiny, sleek, and elegant device. The DxO ONE offers you unlimited photographic experiences and allows you to freely express your creativity.




    Shot with DxO ONE Camera | © Hugo Lecomte

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    Don’t wait to share your unique moments

    Share your dreams

    Whether with your family or your community, the DxO ONE lets you share high-quality photographs in one simple step. Free up your photos from your memory card and share your best memories instantly and easily on social networks or by messaging. Your photographs and videos deserve to be seen!




    Shot with DxO ONE Camera | © Stan Habourdin

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    The camera for today…and tomorrow!

    Browse the latest innovations

    The DxO ONE is firmly rooted in its time. Thanks to its regular updates, you can access new features and an infinite number of new opportunities, and its newly added accessories will enrich your experience. Simply put, the DxO ONE evolves and adapts to the latest innovations.




    Shot with DxO ONE Camera | © Muriel Franceschetti


DxO ONE: No more limits.

The DxO ONE adapts to your needs and offers a wide range of creative tools, such as artistic blur (bokeh) and timelapse. Whether you want to do underwater photography or broadcast your videos live, don’t limit yourself!

Outdoor activities Colorful memories! View more
Outdoor activities
Outdoor activities
Facebook Live 3, 2, 1… Shoot! View more
Facebook Live
Facebook Live
Time-lapse Speed up time View more
Capture the moment -
Capture the moment
Capture the moment
Low light -
Low light
Low light
Portrait -
Unexpected angles -
Unexpected angles
Unexpected angles

Technical specifications

tech spec
  • 1''
  • 20.2
  • f/1.8
    Maximum aperture
  • 32 mm
    Fixed focal lens
  • dimensions

    67.5 x 48.85 x 26.25 mm

  • Apps

    iOS & Android

  • wifi
    Wi-Fi *

    Rapid wireless connection

  • recharging

    Standard USB port

  • featherweight

    108 g

  • battery
    Battery life

    Up to 200 images

  • touchscreen

    Simple and fast control

  • in app
    In-app purchases

    Direct access

*Available for iOS, Soon for Android

DxO in the press

  • "The best camera I’ve ever stuffed in my pocket ... I was really floored by how much fun I had with the DxO ONE."

    Sean O'kane
  • "The DxO One satisfies mobile photographers’ dreams of a pocket-size connected camera that can match many of the pro capabilities of a digital SLR camera."

    Geoffrey A. Fowler
  • "The DxO One lets you take that leap to large-lens photography without ditching the versatility of your phone."