DxO ONE Trip
We're sending the DxO One Camera around the world


From Paris to San Francisco, through Melbourne and Bali, 10 of the most creative instagramers will have one week each to create images in a whole new way with the best Instagram camera : the DxO ONE. What will they shoot?


#DxOOneTrip : The Film


The film

DxO ONE The camera of the digital generation

We created a new kind of camera designed by and for the way we use technology.


The DxO ONE fits in your pocket and lets you take and share photos at any time, in any place, making it the perfect sidekick for expressing your everyday creativity. The DxO ONE is a camera tailor-made for your digital life. It is the ideal tool for giving free rein to your imagination every day.


The DxO ONE is also designed to be used in a new way: the camera is plugged in, used to take and share photos, unplugged, and then passed on to someone else. Nowadays, people don’t just share their pictures; they also share their cameras. This idea gave birth to the #DxOOneTrip, in which Instagramers share the same camera around the world.


What will they shoot? Follow @dxoone on Instagram and experience a DxO ONE camera’s first trip.


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DxO ONE press kit






  • Jefferson Kent
  • Dan Tom
  • Tara Whiteman