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All the tools you need
for authentic film effects

Analog-inspired effects

  • Classic film renderings that inspire
  • More creative effects, frames & textures

Based on exhaustive research, DxO FilmPack 7 includes a huge number of historically accurate film stock effects: 40 Black & White, and 49 Color Negative and Positive films are included.

Step back in time

  • Time Machine takes you back through history
  • Era-defining images describing major events

Within FilmPack 7, Time Machine mode returns! A timeline of 104 historical presets lets you apply looks from specific periods, and learn about their context.

Build your own vintage effects

  • Adjust intensity, grain, and frames
  • Control texture and light leaks
  • Add the look of antique lenses

Set the intensity of your chosen film stock effect, and cook up your own recipes with fully controllable grain intensity and size, plus frames you can scale, rotate, and reposition.

A library of Presets at your fingertips

  • Define your own FilmPack recipes
  • Never lose your most-loved effects

As well as DxO FilmPack 7’s built-in presets, you can create and save custom versions of your own, creating a wealth of options – and share presets with others.

A full suite of image editing tools

  • Your digital darkroom awaits
  • The ultimate in contrast control
  • Precision editing with luminosity masks
  • Say goodbye to lens defects

Simple sliders provide full control over exposure, highlights, midtones, shadows, blacks, saturation, and vibrancy – plus crop, horizon and rotate tools improve framing.

Easy workflow

  • View changes with confidence
  • Simple image information and navigation
  • Find your files

Use the fullscreen comparison with side-by-side vertical, horizontal, and split view layout. The snapshot option lets you save different stages of your editing and jump back whenever you want

Films and Renderings

DxO FilmPack’s analog renderings are the result of an exclusive scientific calibration process carried out in DxO’s laboratories. Each film is carefully analyzed to accurately reproduce its appearance, colors, and grain with an unparalleled level of quality.



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