DxO: The world leader in lens corrections

Our market-leading optics modules let you conquer lens imperfections for sharper, brighter, distortion-free images.

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We’ve been at the forefront of image correction technology for almost 20 years.

At our Paris laboratories, our scientists have been rigorously analyzing hundreds of camera makes and models, thousands of lenses, and tens of thousands of camera-lens combinations using the most extensive testing protocols in the industry since 2004.

With the information collected, our software engineers create scientifically precise data profiles that enable us to automatically account for each item’s optical imperfections whenever you use our software to convert your RAW files. The resulting DxO Optics Modules, perfectly harmonized to your equipment, thus deliver images of unrivaled optical quality.

The clumsy sharpening and distortion corrections offered by competing RAW conversion software is usually based on generic equipment profiling, whereas our optical corrections are unique because they are bespoke to each camera and lens combination.

Put simply, no one else can maximize the optical quality of your equipment the way DxO can!

Our laboratory team continues to work on delivering the lens and camera profiles that you require. Every month we release hundreds of new profiles for a wide range of camera brands, body types (including drones), and lenses of varying focal length (including primes and zooms).


Lens softness

We offer the highest-quality improvements to optical softness. Our analytical process assesses sharpness at multiple points around the lens so that our algorithms can restore detail right where you need it. From adjusting micro-contrast at the center to more substantial blur correction at its edges, the Optics Module specifies the necessary changes to achieve an image of optimal quality.

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We excel in the correction of geometric distortions. Using a reference image, our experts calculate the extent of distortion for each part of the lens so that our software can automatically correct for any defects, even after the image has been processed by the camera.

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To identify chromatic aberration, our experts analyze each lens’s refraction of red, green, and blue light separately, taking into account the aperture and focal length used. Our powerful algorithms use this information to align each channel and thereby solve chromatic fringing without altering any of your image’s details or colors.

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No other software is able to compensate for vignetting the way we do. When brightening dark areas, thanks to our exclusive lens and camera pairing map protocol, our corrections avoid creating additional image problems such as over-exposure, color alteration, and noise the way other software can. The result is a perfectly balanced photo that looks like it was shot with a higher-quality lens.

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DxO Optics Modules

Unlike the generic profiles used in other RAW converters, our lens modules are designed in laboratory conditions using an extremely precise, rigorous process specific to each lens and camera combination. This delivers all the information we need to correct images for vignetting, distortion, chromatic aberration, and lens softness, thereby maximizing the optical quality of your photographs to the highest possible standard.

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