Correcting camera and lens defects: one of DxO’s areas of expertise

DxO has been researching the science of image correction for close to 20 years. Our scientists have rigorously analyzed hundreds of cameras and thousands of lenses using a protocol that is more extensive than any other used in the industry to offer you lens corrections of unparalleled quality that are perfectly tuned to your equipment.

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Improving Lens Sharpness

DxO is the only company to offer such a high-quality feature for improving lens sharpness. Its analytical protocol measures the sharpness of multiple points in the image. Its complex algorithms restore even the most fine details and micro-contrasts to the entire image, including along the edges.

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Geometric Distortions

DxO excels in geometric distortion correction. Using a reference image, DxO’s experts calculate the extent of the distortion for each position in the image. The defect is then automatically corrected, even when the image has already been corrected by the camera.

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Chromatic Aberrations

To identify chromatic aberrations, DxO’s experts analyze the image’s red, green, and blue channels separately. DxO’s powerful algorithms then take into account the aperture and focal length used to obtain the best finish. As a result, colored outlines are removed without altering the image’s details and colors.

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Thanks to its exclusive lens and camera pairing map protocol, DxO’s correction feature compensates for the risk of over-exposure and color alteration and does not create additional noise when brightening dark areas. The result is a perfectly balanced photo.

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DxO Lens Modules

DxO lens modules contain all the necessary information for simultaneously correcting vignetting distortion, chromatic aberrations, and a lack of sharpness. They are designed in the laboratory using a rigorous and extremely precise process that is specific to each lens and camera combination.

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