Take complete control of the geometry of your images

DxO ViewPoint automatically straightens distorted perspectives and in one click restores the natural shapes of subjects located at the edge of your images.

Geometric effects
Artistic effects

Geometric effects

Neutralize distortion

Thanks to DxO’s unique lens modules, DxO ViewPoint can correct for all types of distortion, including barrel, pincushion, and even fisheye.


Straighten perspectives

Whether automatically or with help from Control Points, you can correct the perspective flaws in your wide-angle photos—ranging from the simplest to the most complex defects.

  • Auto
  • 8 points
  • Vertical & Horizontal
  • Rectangle

Correct the horizon line

Restore balance to your landscape photos by automatically straightening a slanted horizon.

Automatically crop

Maintain the entire frame of your photo, no matter what corrections you make. Straighten perspectives, correct the horizon, shift the point of view—the cropping function automatically selects as much of your image as possible. You can also adjust your crop settings manually.


Correct volume distortions

With one click, DxO ViewPoint identifies the deformation and returns your subjects to their natural proportions. This exclusive DxO Labs function, which is particularly helpful for portrait and group photos, always applies the perfect correction.

DxO ViewPoint3

The essential companion to your wide-angle lens

Artistic effects

See the world in miniature

Reproduce a shallow depth-of-field effect that usually requires an expensive tilt-shift lens.

vp-uch-03-a.2x.jpg vp-uch-03-b.2x.jpg vp-ba-03-c.2x.jpg
Final image edited in DxO ViewPoint
Positioning the Miniature Effect tool
Original image

Complete control over bokeh

DxO Labs’ sophisticated engine accurately reproduces gradual blur while simulating the appearance of bokeh.


DxO ViewPoint3

The essential companion to your wide-angle lens