The new ReShape tool 
is truly stunning
Quote 11
Takes distortion and
 perspective correction 
to a new level
Life After Photoshop
Quote 41
DxO ViewPoint does what no Perspective control can
Imaging Resource
Quote 71
For overall corrections,
 I love the perspective tools
Rangefinder Magazine
Quote 101
The king of geometry
Avec Un Photographe
Quote 22
DxO ViewPoint is simply incredible if you shoot wide!
Landscape Photography Ireland
Quote 52
Extremely good at 
correcting perspective 
Digital Camera World
Quote 82
A very useful piece 
of software
Northlight Images
Quote 112
Corrects geometric
 distortions like no 
other software
Quote 33
Photographers who shoot
 rare books will love
 this new tool
Quote 63
If your photography depends 
on straight lines, then 
DxO ViewPoint 4 is for you
Quote 93
Excellent and extremely 
easy-to-use software which produces quality output
 very quickly
Quote 123