DxO PureRAW  2

Pure, flawless, noise-free
RAW photos

Revolutionize your image quality without disrupting your
existing Lightroom Classic® or Photoshop® workflow.

Industry acclaim for DxO PureRAW

“It’s like looking at a photo, then cleaning your glasses, then looking again.”

Chris Davies, SlashGear

“If you want the sharpest, best-looking RAW files then give DxO PureRAW  2 a try.”

Jeremy Gray, Imaging Resource

Dramatically improve image quality, whatever you shoot

Discover 12 reasons why DxO PureRAW  2 will deliver significant improvements to your images.

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Get more from your RAW files.
Add DxO PureRAW  2 to your existing workflow


CR3, ARW, NEF, RAF, DNG, and many more


Demosaicing and denoising

DxO Optics Modules

Improvements to sharpness
Corrections to distortions, vignetting, and aberrations


Linear DNG or JPEG

Maximize the quality of your RAW files before editing them in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom Classic®, or other RAW editing software thanks to DxO’s exclusive demosaicing, denoising, and lens correction technology

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RAW processing:
Demosaicing and denoising like you’ve never seen before

DxO PureRAW  2 delivers exceptional image quality through its deep learning technology, DxO DeepPRIME. This update features optimized processing times and compared to the previous version, it is:
4 times faster on an Apple Silicon Mac
up to 1.5 times faster on the best Windows computers
Noise reduction has never been this good.

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New in version 2

Up to 4x faster

The leading authority in lens corrections

Thanks to years of highly accurate tests in DxO’s purpose-built laboratory, DxO PureRAW  2 corrects every possible lens defect.

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  • Sharpness
  • Distortion
  • Chromatic aberrations
  • Vignetting
New in version 2

DxO PureRAW  2 now supports Fujifilm X-Trans files

Delivering incomparable quality in terms of lens correction, demosaicing, and denoising, DxO technology is now available to Fujifilm X-Trans camera users.

  • DxO PureRAW  2
  • Adobe Lightroom
New in version 2

Photo editing made simple

Choose from three integrations and enjoy a process that is free of sliders and complex adjustments. Convert your RAW files in just a few clicks, without disrupting your workflow.

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New in version 2

HiDPI Support

HiDPI displays for Windows machines are now supported, offering greater comfort to photographers.

New in version 2

8,000 New Optics Modules

DxO has updated its Optics Modules with a raft of new cameras and lenses, including several Leica M lenses. DxO PureRAW  2 now supports more than 70,000 lens and camera combinations.

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DxO PureRAW  2

Pure, flawless, and noise-free RAW photos.