Pushing the boundaries
of technology

Packed full of new features

  • Introducing
    DeepPRIME XD2

  • Improved control
    over processing

  • Real-time
    correction previews

  • Upgraded lens
    softness compensation

  • Three fantastic workflow improvements

The new DeepPRIME XD2 denoises and extracts detail like nothing you’ve seen before

The expanded neural network and refined algorithms of DeepPRIME XD2 guarantee truly remarkable results.

Get cleaner images with:

  • accurate colors,

  • a whole new level of detail extraction, free of halos, artifacts, and fringing, and

  • smooth transitions and silky bokeh in out-of-focus areas.

Even older cameras feel cutting edge. Try it for yourself and get ready to be blown away.

Absolute control, all of the automation

The automation in DxO PureRAW  4 is second-to-none.

However, for photographers who want absolute control, we’ve introduced sliders that allow you to fine-tune variables for pixel-perfect results according to your specific needs.

In addition, the processing dialog box has been overhauled for a cleaner look that's easier to understand, and photographers now have full control over DxO Smart Lighting when exporting JPEGs and TIFFs.

Real-time correction previews

PureRAW 4 features a real-time preview of your edits:

  • see the immediate impact of each denoising technology (eg. DeepPRIME, DeepPRIME XD2). Understand the results of your fine-tuning as soon as you adjust your settings

  • discover the effects of applying different optical correction options

(Slower machines may see different performance.)

A new standard of optical improvements

We've twinned our unparalleled laboratory measurements of each lens with updated algorithms.

PureRAW not only compensates for lens softness with unrivaled accuracy in this new version, but also reduces the risk of artifacts and halos

Three fantastic workflow upgrades

  • PureRAW 4 introduces a useful new comparison mode. When viewing images after processing, photographers can now compare different output files — DNG, TIFF, JPEG — with the original RAW file.

  • You can now apply custom naming conventions to each batch of images for faster identification later in your workflow. Use metadata, processing method, date, and more for absolute control

  • A new widget not only allows you to keep an eye on your processing while you work on other projects, but it also automatically detects memory cards and external drives

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DxO PureRAW 4

DeepPRIME XD2 technology

Gain the equivalent of three stops of ISO and accurately enhance the fine unseen details of your images with DxO's most powerful denoising and demosaicing tech yet; perfect for low-light photography, fur, feathers, and foliage (Fujifilm X-Trans support coming soon).

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DeepPRIME XD technology

Denoising and demosaicing powered by a massively expanded neural network for smoother bokeh and eXtra Detail where you need it; delivers more accurate color rendering at higher ISOs and the equivalent of 2.5 stops of performance. XD is used in PureRAW 4 when processing X-Trans files.

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DeepPRIME technology

DxO's fast, groundbreaking simultaneous denoising and demosaicing tech, based on deep learning neural networks, trained using billions of sample photographs, delivers smoother images equivalent to an extra two stops of ISO

Learn more


Luminance and noise model sliders

Alter the luminosity and noise model used for each processed batch

Learn more


Real-time correction preview

Preview the result of your chosen demosaicing/denoising settings before you start processing


Smart Lighting option for JPEG output

Enable, adjust, or disable DxO's intelligent Smartlighting feature when you convert your RAWs to JPEG format


Optical corrections using DxO Optics Modules

DxO's lens and camera calibrations are unmatched, giving you the best possible image quality tailored specifically to your gear

Learn more


Customize the strength of Lens Softness Corrections

Choose from four options and determine the strength of the sharpening performed when correcting lens softness, or disable it completely


Improved lens softness corrections for artefacts and fringing

PureRAW not only compensates for lens softness with unrivaled accuracy in this new version, but also reduces the risk of artifacts and halos


Advanced batch renaming

Apply custom naming conventions to each batch you process, or rename files directly in the lightbox, for faster identification later in your workflow


Select comparison image

Select any processed image to compare with your original to evaluate the effect of your chosen settings.



Monitor processing progress. Automatically detect new external drives and memory cards for processing


Disable vignetting, chromatic aberration, and lens distortion corrections

Toggle on and off the corrections you would like performed

Learn more


One-step Process & Export

Export files automatically to your software of choice. Simply select the location before processing


Manage Lightroom Collections from within PureRAW

Add images to any Collection in any Collection Set, create a new Collection, or process images within an existing Collection in Lightroom Classic.


Queueing system

Keep track of which files are being processed


Reorder files during processing

Prioritize the files to be processed according to your needs


Remove files or batches of files from the processing queue

Remove individual files, multiple files, or batches of files from the processing queue


Add new files to an existing processing queue

Add new files to the queue of images that are waiting to be processed


Pause and resume file processing

Quickly pause and resume processing when required with a single click


Define crop area

Maintain the original aspect ratio or, depending on the lens, get the maximum image area


X-Trans RAW files support

Process your Fujifilm X-Trans RAW files and achieve stunning image quality


Adobe Lightroom Classic plugin

Process files from within Adobe Lightroom Classic and have the new Linear DNG files appear instantly in your catalog


File browser integration

Right-click files in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS)


TIFF Export (8/16 bit)

Export RAW images as 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF files


Apple Silicon Support (Mac)

Native support for Apple's latest architecture


Rename files with suffix & prefix

Add a customizable suffix and/or prefix to your files when exporting


RAW conversion

Demosaicing and denoising of supported RAW files


Multiple file processing

Process multiple files in parallel


JPEG Export

Export RAW files as JPEG files


DNG Export

Export RAW files as Linear DNG files


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