What’s new in DxO PureRAW  3

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DxO’s pioneering DeepPRIME technology has evolved

The new DeepPRIME XD is vastly more powerful than its predecessor thanks to a massively expanded neural network.

  • more than 2.5 additional stops of ISO performance

  • recovery of unseen levels of detail

  • more accurate color at high ISOs

  • smoother bokeh


DeepPRIME XD further expands the performance of your camera

Images shot at 4,000 ISO look like they’ve been captured at 500 ISO.

The improvements to an image’s dynamic range mean that you can pull more detail out of the shadows than ever before.

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All of the automation — without losing control

Version 3 keeps all of the automation that makes DxO PureRAW so easy to use but now gives you more options for processing your images when you need it.

You can now choose from three levels of lens softness correction, and corrections to vignetting and chromatic aberrations can be turned off as required.


Lens distortion corrections that give you all of your image

As well as correcting lens distortion, DxO PureRAW  3 uses DxO Optics Modules to give you the option of gathering all of the image projected by your lens.

Some software applies a generic correction, potentially cropping parts of the image unnecessarily, or depriving you of elements that you’d prefer to keep.

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New in v3.7

Manage Lightroom Collections directly from PureRAW

Introduced in version 3.7, PureRAW lets you keep your files organized with Lightroom thanks to improved integration with Collections. From PureRAW, you can now add images to any Collection in any Collection Set; create brand new Collections; or process images within a previously created Collection.

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Enhanced batch processing for a smoother workflow

You now have more options when processing large numbers of files.

Queue up multiple batches for processing, change the priority of each batch, and shuffle the order of images within a batch.

DxO PureRAW  3

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