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The large series of new effects is accompanied by the Time Machine display mode: a unique, interactive, and educational journey through the history of analog photography.


Time Machine: harnessing history to power your creativity

Version 6 features a completely new interactive exploration of photography’s history, presenting era-defining images and describing major events that shaped its evolution.

Infuse your photos with the look and feel of the eras that inspire you.


New color and black-and-white film stocks with legendary renderings

Capture fantastic images with vivid red tones and intense blues with a rendering that mimics EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR, KODAK’s popular infrared-sensitive reversal film. With IMPOSSIBLE PX 600 SILVER SHADE, reproduce Polaroid 600 by giving your photos the pastel sepia look of monochrome instant films.

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fp-uch-00-a.2x.jpg fp-uch-00-b.2x.jpg fp-uch-00-c.2x.jpg
Adox CHS 100 II
Kodak Tri-X 400
Ilford HPS 800
fp-uch-01-a.2x.jpg fp-uch-01-b.2x.jpg fp-uch-01-c.2x.jpg
Fuji Velvia 100
Fuji Instax 2
Fuji Superia HG 1600

The unmistakable style of Fujifilm X Series cameras

For amazing creative effects, choose from seven film simulation modes available with digital Fujifilm X Series cameras: Classic Chrome, Classic Chrome +, Astia Soft, Classic Negative, Proneg Std, ProNeg High, and Eterna.

Fuji X-Trans sensors now compatible

Because it supports RAW files taken by cameras with X-Trans sensors, DxO FilmPack thoroughly corrects any of the potential lens flaws from your Fujifilm camera and reduces unwanted digital noise in your images.


Cinema presets inspired by movie industry color grading

Create movie-worthy photos in just one click with the new Cinema presets, inspired by the biggest trends in color grading.


The vintage look with new textures

With its 20 new effects, including crumpled paper, water drops, and more, DxO FilmPack opens up new horizons.

fp-uch-02-a.2x.jpg fp-uch-02-b.2x.jpg fp-uch-02-c.2x.jpg
Large creased paper
Paper grain 1
Stain 1

The beauty of imperfections with new light leaks

Add a subtle touch of color with 15 new light leak effects. From bright spots to haze and zoom effects, you have everything you need to give your images a unique feel.

fp-uch-03-a.2x.jpg fp-uch-03-b.2x.jpg fp-uch-03-c.2x.jpg
Darkroom 2
Black line
Analog Roll

15 new frames to showcase your photos to perfection

Turn your digital images into fine art photos with a matte or black frame. And with silver film-type borders, you can give your photos a negative or contact-sheet look.

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“If you enjoy classic film effects, you’ll love DxO FilmPack”


“Very accurate recreation of film color and grain”

Northlight Images

“One of our favorites”

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8-channel HSL settings

Enjoy even greater color precision using the new rendering engine which now uses eight channels instead of six. Gain better control over the orange and purple tones of your photos.


Customize your split toning colors

Select your own hue in the highlights and shadows of your images, combine colors, and achieve subtle and realistic split toning effects.

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DxO FilmPack 6

The grain, colors, and style of faithfully restored iconic film stocks.