DxO FilmPack 5
Rediscover the magic of analog film

All the emotion of analog photos

DxO FilmPack applies to your digital images the saturation, the contrast, and the grain of the most celebrated analog silver halide, slide, and negative films.

Color renderings: the poetry of analog film applied to digital photos



Rediscover the sweetness of a Kodak Portra 160 NC for your portraits and events, the magic of a Polaroid so as to imitate old vacation photos, or even the contrast and stunning colors of a Fuji Velvia 50 for macrophotography.

  • POLAROID 690
More than 30 specific silver halide renderings



DxO FilmPack faithfully reproduces numerous films, such as Kodak Tri-X, Fuji Neopan, Ilford FP4 Plus, and Polaroid 664. Depending on the rendering you desire, choose a film for its contrast, its grain, or its gray nuances.

  • ILFORD PAN 100
  • AGFA SCALA 200
  • POLAROID 672
Analog film grain: reproduce the authenticity and natural look of film



Give character to your images and discover a new photographic dimension by using the many grain effects available in DxO FilmPack. Use the Denoising tool to eliminate the digital noise in your images taken at high ISO and to replace the noise with a veritable analog film grain.



Graint argentique



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Highlight your photos







Choose among a wide variety of textures – scratches, stains, grains, or wrinkled papers – to give a vintage aspect to your photos. Fine-tune the intensity and the orientation of your effect and then use DxO FilmPack’s intuitive controls to apply it to a toning.










DxO FilmPack offers some 20 black or white frames – passe-partout, darkroom, slide, instant, film, glass, or old paper. Define their placement – inside or outside of the image – and their thickness, to show off your photos.

Fuite de lumière



Light leak



Simulate the accidental exposure to light of a film cartridge, and reproduce the areas of overexposure or color saturation on the edges of the image. Select the type of effect you want to apply, its orientation, its intensity, and change its position as you wish.




Vignetage créatif



Creative vignetting



Reveal the spirit of your digital image: use the many available settings to darken or lighten the edges of your image to show off your subject, depending on the composition of your photo.





Apply a blur Vignetting effect along the perimeter of your image in just one click, so as to draw attention to a subject, or apply Soft Focus to reproduce an overall artistically blurry effect. Place the center of the effect in the image with one click, and then fine-tune the parameters — intensity, radius, transition, roundness, and diffusion.



Blur before
Blur after



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A touch of madness for your images

Designer presets



With the Poetic preset, recreate the warm tones and past colors of an old American series. With Red tone, warm up the colors to capture the evening light. Use Photo 1900 to reproduce all the sweetness of sepia enhanced with a fine grain.

  • PHOTO 1900


Fine micro-contrast for even more striking images


Enhance your black & white photos: DxO FilmPack’s new fine micro-contrast tool is more efficient for adjusting local contrast and gives you more flexibility. The algorithm applies a multi-scale filter that blurs the details, while preserving the marked contours of the image. The contrast is visibly reinforced by avoiding halo effects and it is particularly enhanced in highlights.



Fine micro-contrast before
Fine micro-contrast after



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Advanced settings

Tone curve



Have fun with colors



Have fun with colors using the Hue/Saturation/Luminance feature, for example. With the Tone curve, fine-tune light tones, midtones, and dark tones so as to best manage contrast. With the Vibrancy tool, subtly reinforce a tint by taking into account the different colors present in the image. For perfect compositions, manage the proportions in your image with the easy-to-use Crop tool and its adjustable “rule of thirds” grid.

Channel mixer



Bring out the nuances in your black & white photos



Use DxO FilmPack’s many advanced settings to take control and show off your black & white photos. With the colored filters, subtly convert your photos. With the Channel mixer, bring out all of the nuanced shades of color in your images. With the Tone curve, adjust the skin tones, the midtones, and the darker tones, as well as precisely manage the contrast of your black & white images.



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Other features

Export Facebook

Facebook export


Easily share your images via your Facebook account.




Save a snapshot of your image during processing in order to recall and re-use the same corrections later.

Traitement par lot

Batch processing


Process a large number of images in a few clicks and thus be assured of an overall uniform rendering.

Rendus personalisés

Custom presets


Save your intensity, grain, and contrast settings so you can easily apply them to other images in your library.




Perfectly reproduce all of the processing applied to your images by printing them directly from DxO FilmPack.

Import / Export de rendu

Preset import/export


Share your processing settings with other DxO FilmPack users.