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Choose your free Fstoppers tutorials

Every item bought from the DxO Shop entitles you to one free tutorial. Select the tutorial(s) that you want to receive.

How to receive your tutorial

Choose your tutorial(s) from the list above
You receive one tutorial for every item of software that you have bought

You will be directed to the Fstoppers store

Follow the steps below on Fstoppers store
(please note that the Fstoppers store is only available in English)

Step 1

Confirm your selection by clicking “ADD TO CART”.

Step 2

If you already have an account with Fstoppers, log in. Otherwise, enter your details.

Step 3

Click on "PLACE ORDER". You will see a page that says “Thank you for your order”.

Step 4

In the email you then receive from Fstoppers, click on “Download files” to retrieve your tutorial(s).

You will be redirected to the Fstoppers website
(only available in English).