The Glow of Paris:

DxO Labs Presents Gary Zuercher’s Photo Exhibition

Welcome to ‘The Glow of Paris’, proudly sponsored by DxO Labs. Through this captivating exhibition, we invite you to experience the enchanting beauty of the City of Light through the lens of American photographer Gary Zuercher. With a focus on the iconic bridges of the city, Gary has used traditional analog photography to capture Paris by night, revealing a unique and spellbinding perspective.

But this video isn’t just about showcasing these stunning images; it’s also an opportunity to gain an insight into the mind of the artist himself. Join us as we interview Gary Zuercher, the visionary behind this remarkable collection, and learn about the inspiration that brought ‘The Glow of Paris’ to life.

As we explore this spectacular exhibition and hear directly from the artist, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the magic of Paris, all brought to you by DxO Labs.

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