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7 questions about DxO PureRAW.

How many computers can I install DxO PureRAW  2 on? Can I use it on Mac and PC with the same license?

DxO PureRAW can be activated on a total of three personal computers, as long as it is never run on more than one computer at a time. You may install on both Mac and PC with the same license.

What payment options & currencies can be used in your webstore?

We accept these currencies: Euro (€), Swiss franc (CHF), US Dollar ($), British Pound (£), Japanese yen (¥). Please deactivate any installed VPN client in order to see the correct currency for your location.
We accept these payment options, but the choices available to you will depend on your country & currency: American Express, Bancontact/Mister Cash, CB, MasterCard, VISA, Sofort Überweisung (AT), Sofort Überweisung (DE), Alipay, iDEAL, PAYPAL, WeChat Pay.

Is DxO PureRAW  2 compatible with Apple Silicon M1 Chips?

DxO PureRAW  2 perfectly supports Apple Silicon M1 chips via Rosetta 2 emulation layer.
In addition, DxO DeepPRIME leverages the native core ML software and the M1 hardware GPU, it already uses Apple neural engine acceleration, leading to up to 4x performance improvement compared to latest equivalent Apple MacBook or Apple Mac Mini.

Is DxO PureRAW  2 available as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or other non-Adobe third-party software?

DxO PureRAW  2 is an independent software, not a plugin. DxO PureRAW  2 offers direct export to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud versions, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 18.0 and support this workflow. However, you can select any other third party sortware to export your images to. It just needs to be able open linear DNG files.
Additionally DxO PureRAW  2 offers a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

What is the compatibility of DxO PureRAW  2 with OSes and third-party software?

To see the compatibility tables with operating systems and third party software directly from this article, please click on this link.

Which DNG files are supported by DxO PureRAW  2 as input?

DxO PureRAW will accept DNG files created natively by supported cameras found in the list of supported cameras and lenses.
To view our supported cameras & lenses page directly from this article, please click on this link .
Cameras are supported from the version indicated in the list. RAW-Converters are not downward compatible.

Can I open my DNG file created from DxO PureRAW  2 with DxO PhotoLab 5?

DNGs exported from DxO PureRAW are linear DNGs, which means they are already demosaiced. Therefore in DxO PhotoLab they show the “no module available” icon and the tooltip says “some corrections are not available with linear DNGs.” However, that’s not a problem as those corrections have already been applied to the file. If necessary to change the corrections, please go back to the original RAW file and either use DxO PureRAW or DxO PhotoLab.

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