Powerful tools for demanding

Image Quality & RAW processing

  • Image correction and enhancement built on scientific expertise
  • Groundbreaking denoising technologies
  • Color fidelity

DxO's pioneering Optics Modules are renowned for giving photographers the best possible performance from their gear, and are applied automatically depending on metadata.

Lens softness corrections are tailored according the idiosyncrasies of individual lenses — not simply sharpening uniformly across the entire image like in other software.

Image adjustment

  • Precise control over exposure, contrast, color, and tonality
  • Color rendering
  • Smart, automated tools

ColorWheel is an innovative HSL tool for manipulating colors.

Other tools include:

  • Exposure compensation, Tone Curve, Contrast/Microcontrast editing
  • White balance with color picker Color Accentuation to set saturation/vibrancy
  • Black-and-white palette with channel mixer
  • Selective Tone for greater control over tonal ranges.

Creative editing

  • LUTs (Look Up Tables)
  • Presets and toning
  • ReTouch tool
  • Crop, horizon, and perspective tools

Import and apply LUTs to open up endless creative color options. Choose from 32 pre-installed LUTs and set intensity.

Local Adjustments

  • Innovative tools
  • Available corrections

U Point™ technology features Control Points and Control Lines for intelligent masks without the need for complex layers.

Use Brush, Gradient, Eraser, and Auto Mask tools, as well as automatic/manual red eye correction.

Toggle visibility and set opacity of masks, and duplicate/invert mask content. Set Control Point/Control Line sensitivity according to Luminance or Chrominance.

Workflow aids and interface

  • Advanced History and Quick Compare Mode
  • Virtual Copies
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Histogram

Advanced History palette provides a full editing history including specific values and changes. Grouped corrections can be expanded when applying presets in order to track individual changes.

Quick Compare Mode uses a vertical or horizontal split. Compare your current image with the original, output versions, and virtual copies.

Photo Library & Photo Management

  • Catalog-free workflow with powerful search functionality
  • Metadata management
  • Projects and other organizational tools

Do not import images; simply browse your disk and edit your images on the fly.

Select/search/filter photos with ease. Apply star ratings, color tags, pick/reject images, and choose from a range of criteria when searching, including color tags.

For faster searching, simply direct PhotoLab to index specific folders.


  • Customizable export settings
  • Watermarks

Choose the size/location of files, set up custom export settings, create multiple parallel exports, and apply original or custom ICC profile, sRGB, or Adobe RGB profiles. Right-click to export to a specific application.

Send images directly to other applications. With Nik Collection installed, you have direct access to all plugins.

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