New features, new possibilities

Already the ultimate RAW photo editing and workflow software, DxO PhotoLab 6 adds multiple upgrades, innovations, and new tools for outstanding quality and efficiency

Elite version only

DeepPRIME XD reduces noise and enhances detail like never before

DxO’s pioneering DeepPRIME technology has evolved. The unique, AI-powered RAW denoising engine can give photographers more than two extra stops of ISO performance and remarkable detail.

The new DeepPRIME XD is more powerful than its predecessor. Thanks to a neural network that is now three times larger, its denoising and demosaicing processes retrieve previously unseen levels of detail, improve color, and smooth out bokeh.

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Adobe RGB
Wide Gamut

Better colors, naturally

Enjoy more accurate and lifelike photos with PhotoLab 6’s new wide gamut color space.

Far exceeding Adobe RGB, it uses spectral primary colors for natural, vibrant results, particularly in highly saturated images.

The upgrade means you can boost colors in RAW, JPEG, and TIFF files while avoiding clipping in saturated regions. Plus, the new color space also means the ClearView Plus tool can achieve even better results as it has more colors to work with.

As a result, DxO PhotoLab 6 is also a perfect fit with the latest generation of wide-gamut monitors.

Elite version only

Soft Proofing mode for perfect prints

Ever struggled to transfer the color and tone of on-screen images into print? Thanks to DxO PhotoLab 6’s new Soft Proofing mode, preparing images for print has never been easier.

By activating ink and paper simulations, you can ensure that prints are as accurate as possible, and the ‘Preserve color details’ slider will give you confidence that color detail in highly saturated areas are protected when moving to smaller color spaces.

Discover next-generation retouching tools

  • Advanced source transformation
  • Shape editing
Elite version only

Clone and repair with unrivaled flexibility

Complex retouching normally needs tricky layers and masks, but DxO PhotoLab 6’s ReTouch tool introduces unrivaled flexibility, letting you make all the edits you need without switching to another package.

Take your cloning or healing source point then quickly flip, rotate or scale it to make perfectly natural edits.

Elite version only

Improve retouching with editable selections

If you need to refine the area you’re healing or cloning, there’s no need to make a new selection. PhotoLab makes it easy.

Just reach for the ReTouch tool’s new shape editing mode, and use Add or Erase Stroke to perfect your repairs.

Easier file management means a smoother workflow

  • Color labels
  • More metadata
  • Improved project organization

Get organized the easy way with new color labels

Color labeling comes to DxO PhotoLab 6, giving you more options for organizing, filtering, and searching through your images.

Color code your files with simple shortcuts then search just as easily, all without the need for messy, complicated catalogs.

Find files faster with expanded metadata

Want to search for specific photos using metadata like exposure values, dates or the model of a lens?

Photolab 6 makes it easy with expanded EXIF and IPTC fields so you always find what you need.

Group your shots with new project hierarchies

Working on a photo essay, journal, or fine-art series? DxO PhotoLab 6 lets you group images into projects even if they’re in separate folders.

Now you can order them by preference, too. Just click in the Projects panel and drag them up or down depending on your needs.

Essential tools, easier to use

  • Change your perspective
  • Crop and rotate with ease
Elite version only

Get a new angle

DxO PhotoLab 6 acquires powerful new keystoning tools, letting you manipulate the perspective of any photo.

Fix converging vertical and horizontal lines and achieve symmetry and balance with ease.

The Crop and Rotate tools now work in harmony

Getting a perfectly balanced photograph has never been easier. The Crop tool now has integrated rotation to get your horizons or architectural features absolutely spot on — or put a creative spin on things if you prefer.

DxO PhotoLab 6

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