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5 questions about DxO PhotoLab.

On how many computers can I install and activate DxO PhotoLab?

You can activate your DxO PhotoLab software on 2 computers (macOS and/or Windows) with the ESSENTIAL edition, and on 3 computers with the ELITE edition, as long as it is never run on more than one computer at a time. You may install on both Mac and PC with the same license.

What payment options & currencies can be used in your webstore?

We accept these currencies: Euro (€), Swiss franc (CHF), US Dollar ($), British Pound (£), Japanese yen (¥). Please deactivate any installed VPN client in order to see the correct currency for your location.
We accept these payment options, but the choices available to you will depend on your country & currency: American Express, Bancontact/Mister Cash, CB, MasterCard, VISA, Sofort Überweisung (AT), Sofort Überweisung (DE), Alipay, iDEAL, PAYPAL, WeChat Pay.

What DNG files are supported by DxO PhotoLab as input?

DxO PhotoLab supports DNG format files, as long as they have been generated by Adobe Lightroom or Adobe DNG Converter, and as long as the original RAW format is also supported in the program. DxO PhotoLab will also accept DNG files created natively by supported cameras.

There are no DxO optics modules for any of my camera/lens combinations. Can I use DxO PhotoLab?

First of all, we want to stipulate that an optics module is only necessary for automatic correction of optical flaws (distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, lack of sharpness). It is not required to have an optics module to work with RAW images (on condition that your camera is supported, which you can check here), and it is always possible to work with TIFF or JPEG image files.

Is DxO PureRAW included in DxO PhotoLab?

DxO PureRAW is not included in DxO PhotoLab, however DxO PhotoLab Elite Edition offers all the features of DxO PureRAW: RAW demosaicing, Denoising, Optical Corrections, Export Features, and Comparison.

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