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From fine art photographer Dennis Aydogan

  • Rejuvenation
  • Argentum
  • Eternal Autumn
  • Ash
  • Ruin

“This LUT expands the number of green tones in the scene, so it’s great for cool, mossy, grassy, or foliage-filled landscape compositions.”

Inspired by nature

  • Faded Amber
  • Aura
  • Emerald Trance
  • Dusk
  • Arctic Embrace

“This pushes yellows and oranges into amber — great for dull forest scenes where it separates bark from foliage.”

A foundation on which you can build

  • Cold Serenity
  • Old Magic
  • Divine Bliss
  • Void
  • Quicksilver

“This is a subtle LUT that scales down the yellows — great when you want a photo to look cleaner. I use it on industrial, product, and portrait subjects.”

Crafted by photographer Dennis Aydogan

“I’ve spent years developing my unique color grading techniques, which draw inspiration from the natural world,” says Dennis. “Creating a personal style is crucial, and that’s where these LUTs come in. They’ll give your images a cohesive style that looks highly professional.”

“I use these LUTs all the time in my own work, each has a definite purpose, and all will give you a color baseline."

“Apply them at the start of your workflow and think of them as a foundation on which you can build your style.”

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