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DxO OpticsPro is now DxO PhotoLab

DxO OpticsPro, a multiple award-winning software first launched 13 years ago, is now the gold standard in RAW photo editing. DxO has added new powerful local adjustment tools and changed its name to reflect the full extent of the software’s increased power and versatility — DxO PhotoLab.

Give your creativity free rein

Seamless U Point technology



Nik Software’s U Point technology is fully integrated into DxO PhotoLab’s non-destructive workflow. This feature lets you make complex selections in just a few clicks and edit specific areas in your images, so you can apply local adjustments in a simple and intuitive manner.



DxO PhotoLab en action


A comprehensive local adjustment solution



Combine DxO PhotoLab’s local adjustment tools for optimal flexibility.

  • Control Points

    Thanks to Control Points using Nik Software’s U Point technology, manually select your work area by simply clicking on the part of the photo you want to edit.

  • Brush

    Produce flawless portraits with the retouching Brush and Automatic Mask feature, which are specially designed to make precise selections.

  • Graduated filter

    Use the Graduated Filter tool to enhance your landscape photos. Adjust all exposure settings and even add bokeh to simulate a miniature effect!

  • Automatic Repair

    With the Automatic Repair tool, delete unwanted elements from your images with a single click and enjoy faster processing times and seamless results.



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Incredible images made simple

A complete collection of smart automatic correction tools



Create RAW or JPEG files and obtain high-quality results in just one click: DxO PhotoLab offers a complete collection of smart automatic correction tools that you can adjust manually as needed.

  • DxO Smart Lighting

    With DxO Smart Lighting, optimize your photo’s dynamic range and restore detail to underexposed or overexposed areas. With Spot Weighted mode, you can adjust your automatic corrections based on specific areas in your image.

  • PRIME denoising technology

    PRIME denoising technology automatically removes noise from high-sensitivity RAW images while also preserving detail and colors.

  • DxO ClearView

    Add impact to your landscapes with DxO ClearView by reducing atmospheric haze and increasing local contrast.

Take control of your photos

Want to add your own corrections? Manually adjust each setting using DxO PhotoLab’s many intuitive tools.



Take control of your photos



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Optimized workflow

DxO PhotoLab’s correction tools are designed to take care of all the time-consuming tasks involved with photo editing so you can focus on your photography and give your creativity free rein.



Copy / paste orrection settings

Copy / paste correction settings

Thirty built-in and fully-customizable presets

Thirty built-in and fully-customizable presets

Export straight to Facebook

Export straight to Facebook, Flickr, and other editing programs

Customizable workspace

Customizable workspace

Take your photos to the next level with DxO FilmPack and DxO ViewPoint

The DxO FilmPack and DxO ViewPoint plugins let you recreate the styles of authentic analog films and correct perspectives in just a few clicks.


DxO FilmPack


Recapture the emotional impact of analog film


Make your images truly unique with DxO FilmPack, a creative photo editing software program. Accurately recreate the style, colors, and grain of over 80 iconic types of analog film. Combine multiple original effects to create new textures, frames, vignettes, and more. The possibilities are endless!


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DxO ViewPoint


Integrate powerful geometric correction tools


With DxO ViewPoint, you can use control points or automatic corrections to fix all keystoning defects in your images—including the most complex cases. Automatically correct distorted faces or bodies located at the edges of wide-angle photos to create images that are ever more faithful to reality.


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DxO PhotoLab + Adobe Lightroom

Edit your photos with DxO PhotoLab from Adobe Lightroom. They’ll be saved to your catalog within a non-destructive workflow.




DxO PhotoLab + Adobe Lightroom




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