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Local adjustments


Nik Software’s U Point technology is now a part of DxO PhotoLab’s non-destructive workflow, allowing you to fully express your original intentions by adding local adjustments as well as automatic corrections to your RAW and JPEG files.

  • Control Points

    Select the area you would like to edit by adding Control Points to your photo. Combine, add, or delete points and preserve specific areas of your image. Use the local adjustment palette, which appears next to the area you’re currently editing, to instantly change exposure, contrast, micro-contrast, vibrancy, saturation, or even white balance.

  • Brush

    Use the Brush tool to edit areas you want to correct. Modify and adjust your mask by adding or removing a part of the selection. Adjust the tool’s flow and opacity to create transparent masks. Use the Automatic Mask tool to make dynamic masks that automatically detect similar colors throughout your image.

  • Graduated Filter

    Apply simulated graduated neutral-density (ND) filters and give free rein to your creativity. Adjust the exposure of the sky as well as the contrast and vibrancy, draw attention to your main subject by darkening the edges of your image, add a blur effect, and much, much more.

  • Automatic Repair

    Edit a trouble spot and let the Automatic Tepair tool replace it with another, more suitable part of the image. Take advantage of lightning-quick processing and get a seamless result by removing dust particles or small parts of the image you don’t want to keep.



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PRIME denoising technology

DxO PhotoLab lets you significantly reduce noise in your RAW files. DxO’s exclusive denoising technology effectively decreases noise in photos taken in extreme lighting conditions while also preserving details and color.






Smooth transitions between sharp and blurred elements are still preserved, as are fine details and colors, particularly in the shadows. Textures are preserved as well, resulting in exceptionally high-quality images.


PRIME Denoising Before
PRIME Denoising After





With its newly-optimized algorithm, DxO PhotoLab’s PRIME technology processes your RAW files up four times faster than in previous versions of DxO OpticsPro. In fact, the higher the sensitivity value, the faster the processing time.



Up to 4x faster




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DxO Smart Lighting exposure correction


Automatic optimization



Reveal details and textures in underexposed or overexposed areas with DxO Smart Lighting. This feature instantly brings out details you thought were missing from your RAW files—even with strong backlighting. Use the Selective Tone tool to fine-tune the various luminosity ranges—from the darkest to the brightest areas in your image.


DxO Smart Lighting Before
DxO Smart Lighting After
Spot Weighted mode



With Spot Weighted mode, you can adjust your corrections based on specific areas in your image. Smart Lighting determines the appropriate action by analyzing faces or areas that you specify in manual mode and applies the action to the entire image. This feature takes away the guessing game—you can push the sliders as far as you want without making your subjects appear unnatural.


Spot Weighted mode Before
Spot Weighted mode After



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DxO ClearView local contrast optimization


DxO ClearView automatically removes atmospheric haze from landscape photos as well as smog from images of urban settings. DxO ClearView also drastically increases local contrast by precisely analyzing the image’s color components and applying the most appropriate corrections.


DxO ClearView Before
DxO ClearView After
Unparalleled optical corrections


In the more than thirteen years since our founding, we have analyzed over 40,000 camera/lens combinations in our laboratories to create the best possible solutions for correcting optical defects, including lack of sharpness, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, and distortion.


Available DxO Optical Modules>



40,000 camera/lens combinations


Optical corrections Before
Optical corrections After


Improved Lens Sharpness


Reveal every last detail in your RAW files with the latest version of the Lens Sharpness tool. Thanks to meticulous camera calibrations, you can achieve an unrivaled level of detail, especially in images taken at high or medium sensitivity values







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DxO presets: process images with a single click

No matter your artistic vision, DxO PhotoLab offers carefully-designed preset options that will provide the desired effect, including portrait, landscape, black and white, and single-shot HDR settings. You can also express your creativity with Ambiances, including desaturation options and color filters. Presets allow you to quickly access the various settings available, preview the result as a thumbnail, then apply it directly to your image with just one click.

  • Original
  • Polar
  • Purple
  • Old School

Viewer function

View your photos in full-screen mode and quickly browse through your image library without losing the EXIF data display. DxO PhotoLab’s Viewer makes it easy to grade and select your photos to edit or export them. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to help you sort through hundreds of photos quicker than ever.



Fonction visionneuse


And much more…

DxO PhotoLab’s smart correction tools take care of time-consuming tasks so you can have more time to take photos and give free rein to your creativity.



Multiple exports


With just one click, export your files in a variety of formats or upload them directly to social networks, including Facebook, Flickr, and more.

Protection couleurs

Protection of saturated colors


Reveal the full richness of the details and textures in your images, even in areas with saturated colors.

File path

Direct file access


You can can browse any file on your computer, peripheral device, hard drive, or USB key to access your photos directly.

Profils ICC

ICC profile management


Harmonize color rendering and obtain vibrant images by using ICC profiles.

Yeux rouges

Red-eye correction


Thanks to both face and eye detection, red eyes are automatically identified and corrected. For difficult cases such as faces in profile, semi-automatic and manual modes let you specify the location of the eyes.

Anti dust

Dust correction


Remove the specks from your photos caused by dust on your lens or sensor with just one click. You can also use this feature when editing batches of photos


Moiré correction


Remove colored motifs that appear in very fine patterns such as fencing, fabric, tiles, etc.

Tri des images

Photo sorting


Categorize your photos using a variety of criteria, including camera type, ISO value, processing status, or virtual sequence number.

Rendu couleur

Color rendering


Thanks to the equipment calibrations we’ve completed in our laboratories, you can accurately recreate your camera’s color rendering, or select that of another camera to harmonize a series of photos taken with a variety of cameras.


Seamless printing


Quickly print your images in full or contact-sheet format.



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