Easy and Efficient Workflow with DxO PhotoLab 4 and Nik Collection 3 by DxO


Presented by PhotoJoseph

February 9, 2021

PhotoJoseph will take you through his suggested workflow and show you how well these two programs work together!

Learn how to:
• Edit and fix your images first with DxO PhotoLab 4 by cropping, removing unwanted spots, objects, noise, etc.,
• Bring your images into the Nik Collection 3.3 by DxO in a non-destructive manner to enhance your images to make them look their best!

About the instructor: PhotoJoseph is a content creator, educator, and YouTuber — he shoots for corporate and celebrity clients, works with schools globally integrating photography into the classroom, leads workshops, has several photography courses on LinkedInLearning.com, a regular YouTube show at youtube.com/photojoseph, and currently lives in the USA in Ashland, Oregon. To learn more about PhotoJoseph, visit: http://photojoseph.com and http://twitter.com/photojoseph